Tip #4: Share in Real Time

Brand advertising through television and radio often try to convey a sense of real time.  They use the power of images and words to give you a sense that you are there, witnessing something happen.  But broadcast commercials are pre-recorded, editted messages and people now watch them with some detachment.  They know it’s not real.

A major reason why people are enamored of social media, is because so much of it is based in real time message.  The power of “it’s happening now” brings a level of authenticity and excitement.  When you share the process with your customers in real time, the immediate experience deepens their feelings of participation.  The same is true in television.  The biggest draws are live events – news & sports.  While reality TV is pre-edited, it has the feeling of being live because it’s capturing authentic responses of it’s participants.

But with social media, everything you do can become a live event.  So whenever possible, make your message “real time”.  If you are marketing a bakery’s new muffins, it’s not, “I baked the muffins” but “I’m baking the muffins”.   Always use the present tense.  Also, the more specific about details you can be, the better.  Posting a status update such as “Adding fresh eggs to the batter mix” adds authenticity and stimulates our imaginations.

It also invites real time response.  Embrace that as well.  Remember, social media isn’t just about how many connections you have in your network, it’s also about how rich and deep the interactions are you have with those connections.  Real time updates fosters a sense of immediacy that will increase your customers feelings of relevancy and engagement.

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