Tip #5: Respond to Feedback

Social media also has a built in feedback mechanism, such as comments, ratings, forwarding links, etc.  As soon as you post, your fans and followers will be able to respond in real time.  Embrace this dialogue.  The more your customers talk about your product, the more exposure your product will receive.  And most importantly, join in the dialogue by responding to their feedback.  You don’t have to respond to everything, people don’t expect that.  Think of it like one of those entertainment shows where they pick someone out of the audience to come up on stage.  That person becomes a respresentative of the audience, it’s as if we are all up on stage with that person.  We feel included in the show.  So rather than be overwhelmed with having to repsond to everyone, just pick one or two people and respond to them.  When people see the product owner engaging with their audience, even if it’s not them personally, they will feel more loyalty to the product.

This is true even if people have negative feedback.  There’s nothing worse then sending a customer service email and never getting it retruned.  People complain because they need to be heard and they want things fixed.  For example, I had been having a battery problem with my apple laptop for months and was extremely frustrated.  But the computer was still under warranty and so I went into the genius bar.  They replaced with battery and external power supply cord.  That totally covered the cost of my warranty and all my frustration was gone.  If you listen, respond and do your best to help them out, your customers will continue to stay invested with your product.  People pay for service as much as they do their product.

So what’s the best way to respond?  Agree with them.  It’s an old trick I learned studying improvisational acting called, “Yes, and”.  Things move forward if you agree, stop if you disagree.  So agree with your customers and ad something.  For example, if a customer posts, “Loved seeing those photos of those muffins being baked” you might respond “Glad you liked them – maybe we’ll print them in edible inks as well.”  In my response, I agreed with them and added some humor, which is a great way to also keep things real and personal.  If they send a complaint, such as, “Hey, you’re sending me too many posts.  Stop it!” you might reply, “Yes, we sent to many posts.  We are sorry and are working on reducing our frequency.”  You may not be able to solve the problem right away, but by quickly responding you acknowledge that you heard your customer, are aware and are taking action.  If you are posting publically, this will also be seen by your other customers which can reduce the amount of negative posts as well.

3 responses to “Tip #5: Respond to Feedback

  1. personalcheflarry

    I could not agree with you more about Business Managers not responding to Customer Complaints or feed-back. This clearly shows a complete lack of Experience in the field of Business Management as any Experienced Business Manager would know very well that there simply is no greater tool available for helping a business to improve than by taking the time to listen and respond to what their Customers have to say! Clearly, any Business who can’t take the time to respond to simple Customer feed-back, doesn’t care about their Customers!! So… the question we must ask ourselves………Do we really want to spend our hard earned $$$ in an establishment that doesn’t care about Customer Satisfaction??? …I think Not!!

  2. personalcheflarry

    I have a Hospitality Services Bsuiness and one of the services I offer is “Mystery Shopping” I have started a type of Pilot Program where I offer to collect complaints from Customers who have been ill-treated by local businesses and check out these Businesses for myself and post results on website for all to see. Have any hints for me (Or suggestions??) Thanks, Larry

    • matthewpurdon

      My suggestion is for you to go one step further. Rather than just exposing the problems, how can you become a solutions expert? How can you use this information to provide services to the businesses to improve their customer relationships? Develop a relationship with both the customers and the business.

      Also, what is the real value of your website? I’m not totally clear. Could you do the same leveraging the postings on yelp.com, by developing a powerful Mystery Shopper profile on an already trafficked site? Could you research businesses on Yelp with the worst ratings and approach them to offer solutions?

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